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MoRedii would collaborate with the Fung Brothers in the content creation for Chinese market.

MoRedii would be in charge of promoting the Fung Brothers’ content in China on different social platforms. The services include but not limited to:


Putting the content on trending and hot list on at least five platforms

Managing day-to- day social account operations

Maintain healthy relationship with followers

Maintain healthy relationship with followers

MoRedii would arrange different event attendance and social activities in China for the Fung Brothers’ to build the brand and the influence.

The activities includes but not limited to charity gala, red carpet show, press conferences, etc.

MoRedii would be in charge of monetization strategies in China

including but not limited to building product line, content sales, product placement, brand sponsorships, advertisement deals, web series, and roles for traditional media content.

For long term future plans, MoRedii would discuss with the Fung Brothers, and provide the opportunities that the Fung Brothers are interested, including but not limited to, collaboration with Chinese celebrities, reality TV shows, featured movies, starting a product line, and web series etc.

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