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EB1-A / O-1 DIY Package

  EB1 Extraordinary Ability(Alien of Extraordinary Ability) green card application is in the employment-based immigration visa first preference(EB1 visa) category, known as EB-1A for aliens of extraordinary ability. We are the premier resource where the EB1 Green Card application process of how to file a remarkable ability green card application is detailed in our powerful Complete Do-It-Yourself EB-1A application package. 

  We provide the EB1-A DIY Package and various EB1 visa application resources, samples of reference letters, and share the best practices and questions/answers to help your EB1 extraordinary ability application process.

  Our package is very helpful for new immigrants with an advanced degree or an art background.

What We Do 


The EB1 Extraordinary Ability(EB-1A)category is reserved for those at the top) of their field who have a record of sustained national or international acclaim.

PR Package


O-1 is a non-immigrant visa category for aliens of extraordinary/ ability in the sciences, art, education, business, or athletics.

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Case Study

Owen Qiu, EB1-A, Film Director, New Media Influencer Consultant

The decision mentions major media, awards, and Projects in China and the United States. The decision also mentions that the Director’s work and projects are comparable to artistic displays.

‘Display’ implies a new media influencer consultant to the exhibition or showcase, film festival awards, whereas the Petitioner’s compositions are for the entertainment industry. 

“These projects garnered him not only exposure but the nature of the venues, the promotion of the events as celebrating his work, and the level of media coverage is consistent with name recognition.”

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