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Our creator management works with talents from small to big, and help them to build their brand up in China. We are dedicated to helping creators build business and their brand, and have garnered long-term partnership with some of the most successful channels on Weibo, WeChat, Youku, Tudou, Iqiyi, and a lot more.


Creators Services

We create on different horizons.

We dedicated to creating the content that is tailored for influencers, and localized for Chinese market. With our own studios and content development teams, we produce widely distributed long-form, short-form, and branded content for Chinese market across all digital and linear platforms.



We create stories for you. 

Distribution and Monetization


One step monetization

Through our Chinese platforms, we have strong partners who are experts in monetization and distributions. Imagine your content goes on all the hot and trending list across different platforms. We gather opportunities like brand sponsorship, building product line, content sales, product placement, brand sponsorships, advertisement deals, web series, and roles for traditional media content.

Channel Management


Don't understand Chinese? We shorten the distance for you.

We are a group of millennials who create and understand millennial cultures from the bottom up. We translate for you, we utilize multiple data analysis through tool, and we help you to understand the channel differences and social media structures. Our channel managers are the contact person for influencers in all matters.


Influencer Marketing

We create communities.

We are experts in how to engage with audience and connect influencers to brand in Chinese market. We develop custom campaigns among Chinese platforms that are geared towards bolstering organic reach, generating high engagement and driving measurable results for brand partners.


Content Development

Tailored for you, localised for Chinese market.

We’ve got the best creative team works at the intersection of Chinese culture and American culture, inspiration and intelligence.


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